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The Cobden & District Civitan Club was chartered on May 10, 1974.
Club 08-2318

Civitan Motto
"Builders of Good Citizenship"
Civitan Mission Statement
To build good citizenship by building a volunteer organization of clubs dedicated to serving individual and community needs with and emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities.
Current Projects
At the present time the main projects we support are the Civitan International Research Centre located in Birmingham, AB, Renfrew Victoria and Pembroke Regional Hospitals, Whitewater-Bromley Community Health Centre and our newest project Hospice Renfrew. We also have a large medical bank lending out items to community members.

Membership in Civitan is open to anyone who is at least 18 years old and of good character. Every Civitan should understand and appreciate the mission of Civitan International and strive to promote the three principle goals of fellowship with one another, knowledge about the community at large, and service to our fellow man through the local Civitan club.

Civitans are dedicated to improving their communities through community service. On the international level, Civitan focuses on helping people with developmental disabilities. Civitan funds the Civitan International Research Center, a research and treatment facility for mental and developmental disabilities.

On the local level, clubs are involved in a variety of fund-raising and service projects. Civitan realizes the importance of offering its members opportunities for personal and professional development, as well as the opportunity to meet new friends and develop long-lasting friendships with people who share similar interest.

At club meetings Civitans hear from community, business and government leaders who provide informative and entertaining programs on the issues that affect Civitans and their families the most.

Active Member:

Pays membership fees and dues, and may hold elective office in a club, a district, or International.
Honorary Member:

Members of a Civitan club can confer honorary membership on anyone who has distinguished himself or herself in a praiseworthy manner. An honorary member pays no dues and cannot vote or hold office, but may attend meetings.

Active members fulfilling a required military obligation are automatically placed in this category. A member-in-military pays no dues and may not hold an office, but has all other membership rights. This status is terminated upon release from active duty. A career member of the armed forces is not eligible for this category.
Life Member:

A club, in recognition of distinguished service, may confer life membership on any active member. The club assumes all dues payments for life on the member's behalf. Past International Presidents are automatically made life members in their "home" clubs.
Associate Member:

An active member who, for reasons of health, job, or other good cause, cannot meet regularly with his or her home club or a person seeking to be a member but unable, because of geographic distance or other limiting circumstances to belong to a Civitan club, may join as an associate member. This member pays annual international dues, and may attend district and international meetings as time permits, but cannot vote or be elected to an office in the organization.

Contact Us
P.O. Box 148
Cobden, Ontario
K0J 1K0
Meeting Dates & Locations
1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 7pm
at the Cobden Civitan Hall