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The Cobden Fishing Derby 2021.

Thank you for everyone that supported this years fishing derby!!


Derby Rules for 2021


With the Ontario government declaring a Stay at Home Order, the Cobden Civitan Club has had to modify the Fishing Derby fundraiser. We will not be able to have the fishing contest portion of the fundraiser as participants come from all over Eastern Ontario.
Therefore our fundraiser will proceed as follows:
• All derby tickets purchased will be eligible for a random draw of the 9 Cash Prizes for fishing.
• Upon completion of the Cash prizes draw all purchased tickets will then be eligible for the 10 Grand Prizes Draw
• Tickets will still be available to purchase up to Feb.13th.
• The Cash Prizes Draw, the 10 Grand Prizes Draw and the 50/50 draw will still be held on Feb. 14th at 1:00 pm live on the Cobden Civitan Club's Facebook Page. Winners will be contacted directly after the draw. Winners will also be posted on
With your support, proceeds from this fundraiser will benefit Renfrew Hospice!
Stay safe and thank you again for supporting our fundraiser.
Civitan Fishing Derby committee

Winners for 2021 

For more information contact:

Brad Price 613-299-9880
John Cull 613-646-7876 

Muskrat Lake Civitan Ice Fishing Derby Rules 2021

Start Time 6:00 a.m. February 6, 2020 to 3:00 p.m. on February 13, 2020

 1. Fee $25.00 per ticket
2. Payment can be made by e-transfer, cheques, money orders, visa / master card, or cash. 
3. Contestants will HAVE TO drill their own holes. 
4. THIS YEAR’S DERBY IS A CATCH, PHOTO AND RELEASE CONTEST.  Photos submissions accepted by email starting at 6:00 a.m. Feb 6 until 3:00 p.m. Feb 13, 2021. There will be an Early Bird Draw for tickets purchased prior to Jan. 10, 2021. Early Bird Draw will take place on Jan. 12th, 2021.  Winner will be posted on and the Cobden Civitan Club’s Facebook page.  All tickets purchased will be eligible for the Grand Prize draw.  Prize winners will be announced live on the Cobden Civitan Club’s Facebook page on Sunday Feb. 14 at 1:00 p.m.   Winners will also be posted on Cobden Civitan website page and in the local papers.  Arrangements will be made with winners to claim their prizes at the Cobden Civitan Hall.
5. Cash Prizes are determined by Species, LENGTH and a valid photosubmission entry. In the event of a tie, the first fish submitted wins.  See details on how to make a valid photo submission at the designated “self-service” measuring station on Muskrat Lake as well at and  the Cobden Civitan  Club’s Facebook page.
6. All fish entered must be brought to the Civitan Self-Serve Measuring station (see signage on the lake for location).   Dead or frozen fish are ineligible.  PLEASE BRING A CONTAINER WITH HANDLE FOR YOUR FISH TO BRING THEM TO THE MEASURING STATION ALIVE. PLEASE HAVE WATER IN THE CONTAINER AS THIS IS A CATCH, PHOTO AND RELEASE CONTEST. 
7. You may register as many fish as you want but only ONE PRIZE will be awarded per contestant for any of the three major categories, Pike, Trout, and Perch.  
8. Tournament boundaries will be Muskrat Lake.
9. You are at all times before during and after derby, responsible for the following -Ministry Rules and Regulations, your safety, actions, gear and equipment. (Ontario Fishing Regulations in Effect zone 15) If not followed contestant will automatically be disqualified on the spot when caught.
10. Contestants may use fishing huts and portables
11. Please use the garbage cans available. This is your CANADA.
12. Failure to comply with the contest rules subject contestants to disqualification.
13. The organizer may at any time before, during and after each event change event format if so required.
14. Each entrant, upon registration to compete in the Derby, agrees that he/her will not hold the Cobden Civitan Club and Sponsors liable for any kind of accident that might occur during this tournament. Photographs taken during or after the tournament become the property of the Cobden Civitan club and will be used without compensation or permission.
15. If conditions occur which are found to be dangerous to Derbyparticipants, the Cobden Civitan Club Organizing Committee have the right to deem the Derby complete and the prizes will be given out by random draw.


Tickets can be purchased at the noted Ticket Centers or by completing an order request form.  

If payment by cheque or money order, mail with order form including a cheque or money order payable to Cobden Civitan Club and mail to P.O. Box 148, Cobden, ON  K0J 1K0.   Tickets will be mailed upon receipt and payment.

If payment by e-transfer, use email address

Submit order form to email address    Upon receipt and   review of the order form you will be sent an order number to reference when doing the e-transfer payment.  Once e-transfer has been completed the tickets will be mailed.

If payment by Visa or Mastercard, contact John Cull at 613-646-7876.  Note $5.00 

Administration fee will apply.  Tickets will be mailed.

Note:  Order forms received for ticket mail-out and cheques for payment will not be accepted after Jan.  31, 2021.  Order Form is available at


1. Detailed instructions of how to display caught fish in measuring trough for eligible photo submission will be posted at designated Civitan Measuring Station on Muskrat Lake.

2. Markings on the measuring device must be visible and legible.

3. Photos must be taken from the designated Cobden Self-ServeMeasuring Station on Muskrat Lake. 

4. Derby ticket must be visible in the photo. *

5. Photos to be submitted are to be sent by email to and indicate in the email the name of the participant, phone number, and the ticket number .

6. Photos for submission will only be accepted from 6:00 a.m. February 6th, 2021 to 3:00 p.m. on February 13th, 2021.*

* Failure to meet these criteria will result in a disqualification of the fish in question.


NOTE:  The Civitan Self-Serve Measuring Station,  and the Cobden Civitan Club’s Facebook page will all be updated daily with the current longest measurements submitted in 1st to 3rd place for each category.



Participant’s photos will be judged by a panel designated by the Derbyorganizer.

a. Photos that do not meet the requirements will not be counted.  Measured length should be clearly visible. All fish will be scored by ¼”

increments. If the fish is slightly under the nearest ¼” the measurement will be rounded down. For example, if a fish is 18 1/8 inches the fish will be entered and scored as an 18- inch fish. 

b. The Derby organizer will be solely responsible and retain the right to declare any photos unacceptable.