Derby Rules for 2022


Muskrat Lake Civitan Ice Fishing Derby Rules 2022
February 5, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 

Registration starts at 7:00 a.m.

$5.000 cash prize is on minimum of 500 tickets sold.  Cash prizes may change if minimum is not sold.  

1. Fee $25.00 per ticket
2. Payment can be made by cheques, money orders, Visa /MasterCard, e-transfer or cash.  Cheques/money orders can be made to Cobden Civitan Club.  CHEQUES NOT ACCEPTED AFTER JAN. 28TH, 2022.  All other forms of payment accepted till the day of the Fishing Derby.  CASH ONLY accepted on site on Feb. 5th, 2022.
3. Contestants will HAVE TO drill their own holes.  A person may be available to drill, for a fee.
4. The Contest is scheduled for Feb. 5th from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Muskrat Lake, Cobden, Ontario.  Registration will be open at 7:00 a.m.  Early Bird registration before Jan. 13, 2022, two draws will be made for STIHL Chainsaw on Jan. 18, 2022 @ our meeting.  Everyone that purchases tickets will go into the grand prize draw of 12 Grand prizes listed on the poster. 
5. Cash Prizes are determined by Species, LENGTH and time registered. In the event of a tie, the first fish registered wins.  
6. You may register as many fish as you want.  Winning person must be present immediately when announced to claim prize, (but only one prize will be awarded per contestant for any of the three major categories, Pike, Trout and Perch).  
7. Tournament boundaries will be marked with cedar trees.  Fishing will be at the head of the lake.  Vehicles will be checked for illegal live fish.  People will be disqualified on the spot when caught.
8. You are at all times, before, during and after derby, responsible for the following -Ministry Rules and Regulations, your safety, actions, gear and equipment. (Ontario Fishing Regulations in Effect zone 15) If not followed contestant will automatically be disqualified on the spot when caught.
9. Any registered contestants fishing in fishing huts, portables, group, etc. will not be permitted to fish with non-registered contestants.  This will disqualify you, the registered contestants.

10.  All fish entered must be brought to the judge’s stand immediately and alive.  Dead or frozen fish are ineligible.  The decisions of the judges are final.  PLEASE BRING A CONTAINER WITH HANDLE FOR YOUR FISH TO BRING THEM TO THE MEASURING STATION ALIVE.  PLEASE HAVE WATER IN THE CONTAINER AS THIS IS A CATCH AND RELEASE CONTEST.

11. If registering for the early bird you will be given your ticket or we will mail your ticket tag in advance.  Advance ticket tag holders WILL NOT have to re-register the day of the Derby.  You must have a ticket tag visible while entering the gate at launch.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen ticket tags.  Tickets must match for claiming prizes.

12. Contestants may use fishing huts and portables.
13. Please use the garbage cans available. This is your CANADA.
14. Prizes will be handed out after the tournament at the Muskrat Lake boat launch.

15. Failure to comply with the contest rules subject contestants to disqualification.
16. The organizer may at any time before, during and after each event change event format if so required.

17. Visa or MasterCard by phone calling John Cull at 613-646-7876 ($5.00 admin fee will apply).
18. Each entrant, upon registration to compete in the Derby, agrees that he/her will not hold the Cobden Civitan Club and Sponsors liable for any kind of accident that might occur during this tournament. Photographs taken during or after the tournament become the property of the Cobden Civitan club and will be used without compensation or permission.
19. If conditions occur which are found to be dangerous to Derby participants, the Cobden Civitan Club Organizing Committee have the right to deem the Derby complete and the prizes will be given out by random draw.

20. Free Junior Derby (12 years of age and under) will be a separate fishing derby for max. 2 children that accompany a paid participant for the Adult Derby.  Junior Derby participants must register on the day of the derby.  Prizes to be won for the Junior Derby are separate from the paid Adult Derby.  Entry for Junior Derby will be at the same time as the paid adult.  Junior Derby members will have to follow all other rules.  

21.  Food wagon will be available for purchase of food and coffee.

Tickets can be purchased at the noted Ticket Centers or online at, go to Contact Us for informations to pay by e-transfer.   Upon receipt and payment of the ticket order you will be mailed your ticket or available for pick up at the registration booth the day of the derby.  If payment by Visa or MasterCard, contact John Cull at 613-646-7876/. Note $5.00 administration fee will apply.  Tickets will be mailed.
Tickets will be mailed upon receipt and payment.